A little about me…

Hello, welcome,

I am Laura.

I am mama, birth keeper and doula.

I offer women-centred support during pregnancy, labour and birth.

I hold space for you to journey into the portal of motherhood and help you embrace the strength and wisdom of your body.

After completing my doula training in 2017 in The Netherlands I have been honoured to present for many births, witnessing the power and magic of labour and helping to guide women through each expansive moment towards holding their baby for the first time.

This journey continues to inspire me.

Training and Qualifications
  • Certified Birth Doula (BiA Doula Training)
  • Pregnancy Yoga (Yoga Campus)
  • Post-Natal Yoga (Yoga Campus)
  • Hypnobirthing Practitioner (KG Hypnobirthing)
  • Birth Anatomy and Biomechanics (Sally Scott)

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