A little about me…

My passion is supporting women…

I am a mama, creative, birth doula and pregnancy yoga teacher.

My background is in dance, theatre and physical movement. During my performance training I studied various methods, including Laban, Biomechanics and 5Rythmns.

My work is rooted in embodied movement. I offer yoga and meditation as a sanctuary to support the transitions of pregnancy and the many changes that occur.

I believe all women deserve to be held, respected and cared during their journey into motherhood. I encourage women to embrace the wisdom of their bodies and I offer uniquely tailored support to individuals and their families during this incredible time.

Professional Birth Doula – BiA Doula Training 2018

Certified Pregnancy Yoga Teacher – Yoga Campus 2019

Certified Hypnobirthing Practioner – KG Hypnobirthng 2020

I offer one to one birth support.

Yoga and birth preparation classes

Hypnobirthing Courses

Individual support packages

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