As your doula I offer my support to you and your partner throughout your pregnancy, labour and birth. This could be emotionally, physically, practically and spiritually. I can provide you with evidenced based informational support and help you listen to your own inner voice to make choices that are best for you.

We work together to explore your birthing options and create a clear idea of your birth preferences to help you feel prepared.

The support given is very personal and tailored to the individual or couples requirements.

I work alongside health care professionals to provide continuous, consistent support throughout your labour and the immediate post natal time.

I am there for you and your partner without judgment. I accept your truth, no matter what thats is and embrace your needs with empathy and compassion. Allowing you the space to just be. Your. Self

Becoming a mother is a very personal experience. It is a time of huge change physically and emotionally. You may find yourself facing new challenges, imagining what your life will look like once the baby is born or reflecting on your life before. I am here to nourish you and hold you on this journey.

So why have a doula?

A few things to have a think about…

Having a the support of a doula can drastically shortly the duration of labour, minimise unnecessary intervention and can lead to better health outcomes for both mother and baby.

Providing emotional, physical and evidence based information for an expectant mother and can make a real difference to a woman experience.

Fathers and partners also report feeling much more satisfied with the birth experience and a doula can be an invaluable support to them also.

To hold space for someone is incredibly subtle and hard to quantify. But by just being present without distraction, something very beautiful can happen. We can gain a sense of peace and clarity. To be loved and supported throughout your experience instead of pushing it away.

In those moments we can connect to our natural instincts, trust ourselves, our intuition and our amazing bodies.

Here you can read about what my clients have said here Testimonials

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