A uniquely tailored Hypnobirthing course.

This 5 week mindful birthing course is for expectant mothers/couples who wish to celebrate pregnancy and prepare for birth in the best way possible. 

Having a baby is a hugely transformative time and can have an impact on our emotional, mental and physical wellbeing.

Taking the time to learn practical tools will help you and your birth partner feel confident, connected and ready to meet your baby.


Explore your thoughts, ideas and any concerns you may have about birth.

Let go of unhelpful and fearful beliefs or expectations around the birth experience. 

Build confidence and trust in your ability to birth your baby and learn to allow the incredible process of birth to unfold moment by moment.

Help your birth partner know what they can do to support you. How they can remain centred and present throughout and what to expect during the more challenging moments of labour. 

Use hypnobirthing techniques to engage the power of the mind helping navigating pain or intense sensations during labor.

Learn breathing techniques, gentle touch massage which can be used throughout pregnancy and labour.

Have a informed discussion exploring birthing choices and how to decide what is best for you and your baby.

Access deep relaxation and visualisation to connect with your baby, allowing for a smoother birth experience.

Learn active birth positions and ideas to create a calm, positive birth space.

We create your own personalised birth proposal for you to share with your care providers

We will also go beyond the birth process to explore how you can feel supported in the intense period after birth in taking care of your baby.


5 x 2 hour sessions, held weekly at a day/time that suits you.

Private course – £300

People from all backgrounds and sexual orientation are welcome.

This course is also for women who feel very anxious about birth/motherhood or planned c-section births.

You are welcome to join at any stage of your pregnancy, whenever you feel ready.

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