I honestly don’t think I’ll ever be able to put into words the difference it made to be “mothered” during my labour by a truly intuitive, kind, calm, powerful woman who understood exactly what I needed and wanted. It was absolutely transformational in so many ways. Laura was attentive, flexible, calm, kind and managed the other people in the space absolutely beautifully. The balance she struck between being present and actively holding space, and fading into the background, was really quite an exceptional “dance” and again I was so struck by her brilliant intuition. In short, my experience of Laura’s support was absolutely first rate, transformational, and unforgettable.

– Millie Stacey

Each session with Laura was amazing! We met to get to know each other then to put things in place like the birth plan and home set up. They left me feeling prepared and calm for the birth.

Laura was waiting and available until I asked her to come. Laura arrived quickly then supported us throughout the birth and for some time after until we were ready to rest. She followed my lead with it and so it was the perfect amount of time.

My experience of support during labour and birth was invaluable, I attribute my wonderful home birth to Laura and couldn’t have done it without her! Laura’s calm, reassuring presence was so important in making me feel safe and supported. She was there for my whole team and brought everyone together, including the midwives. She had gotten to know me and my birth plan so that she could help make the experience I was hoping for a reality. She also held space for changes to this plan and was able to advocate for me in a peaceful and calm way. She was truly wonderful and I will always be grateful!

– Chloe Grey

“I first met Laura when I started her pregnancy yoga classes at the start of my pregnancy and we immediately clicked.

Laura offered her doula support for me during the birth of my son. 

Having a very busy job (and life in general) I did not have the time to read all the books and attend all the classes, having Laura by my side as my doula was all I needed.

Having a baby is a life-changing time, things can go wrong, so to have someone there to share the decision making with was a big help.

Often as a first time mum you don’t know what you want or what your options are.

Leading up the birth we had some sessions exploring some of my fears and feelings about my birth and what was to come. We had sessions with my partner too. Writing down our birth wishes, setting boundaries and preparing together for how we would like our family life to be once our baby arrived.  

It can be a difficult time for partners too. Having someone calm and collected to also support my partner was one of the biggest benefits. 

At first my partner questioned the financial expense but afterwards said it was worth ten times the value and we couldn’t have done it without her.

The NHS were very good but they are stretched and they can’t always give you the care that you need. I saw five different midwives during my birth.  Laura complimented them very well, she was there every step of the way and worked alongside them to help me make decisions in what can be a very overwhelming time. 

Instead of being backed into a corner to be induced I had the support to help me make the right decisions for me and my baby. She helped me to fulfil my birth wishes. It’s all very writing them on a piece of paper but being able to stop, think and reflect is so valuable. 

Having Laura as my doula meant I had less medical intervention and I felt stronger to direct the birth as I wanted to. If only these services were available to everyone more people would start motherhood in a good place.”

– Hollie Reynolds

I can’t recommend Laura’s ante natal yoga enough. I contacted her when I was 7 months pregnant. The first 7 months of my pregnancy seemed to have gone quite quickly but as my bump was getting bigger and I was feeling more tired, it felt like the remaining 2 months would be difficult to get through without taking some time just for me. Work was becoming tiring and stressful so I asked Laura if we could focus on relaxation techniques.

Booking each session gave me something to look forward to and made the last few weeks pass more quickly. Laura is so thoughtful and planned each session around what was going on with me and my pregnancy. She made the environment so relaxing and welcoming it was truly a safe space.

She also spent time listening to my worries, so much so that between my first session with her and my last I felt much more relaxed and happy and ready for the next big stage to come.

– Clare Chadwick

I felt incredibly lucky to have the support of this amazing woman on my training course last week (More Than Words).

Laura Bloom assisted on my course for talking therapists. As well as seamlessly doing all there was to be done for the smoothe running of the days she also expertly held the space with me and for me and added to an atmosphere of curiosity, openness and joy. She was a real asset in the small group practice where she was able to help participants find the words to translate the techniques into accessible terms for their clients. 

I first met Laura over 10 years ago in London when we were coaching medical doctors in communication skills, neither of us could have predicted when life would bring us back together but I am so glad it has.

Laura runs Laura Bloom Birthing and is passionate about supporting women through birth and motherhood, which seems like a perfect way to offer herself to the world.

Susi Wrenshaw. Yoga Therapy Manchester

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