I felt incredibly lucky to have the support of this amazing woman on my training course last week (More Than Words).

Laura Bloom assisted on my course for talking therapists. As well as seamlessly doing all there was to be done for the smoothe running of the days she also expertly held the space with me and for me and added to an atmosphere of curiosity, openness and joy. She was a real asset in the small group practice where she was able to help participants find the words to translate the techniques into accessible terms for their clients. 

I first met Laura over 10 years ago in London when we were coaching medical doctors in communication skills, neither of us could have predicted when life would bring us back together but I am so glad it has.

Laura runs Laura Bloom Birthing and is passionate about supporting women through birth and motherhood, which seems like a perfect way to offer herself to the world. – Susi Wrenshaw. Yoga Therapy Manchester

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